differences between Earthquake Sound amplifiers

In the ever-evolving world of sound engineering, we're experiencing sound in new ways. Sound technology around us profoundly affects us, and amplifiers have played a vital role in revolutionizing sound production, distribution, recreation, and enhancement. In this article, we delve into the resounding realm of sound and how Earthquake Sound Corp. is redefining the experience.

About Earthquake Sound Corp. Brand

A brand redefines the home theater experience and strives for the highest customer satisfaction. Earthquake Sound Corp. is known for reproducing every single note perfectly through its speakers. The company aims to engineer the highest-quality products for sound enthusiasts at affordable prices without hampering the experience.

Uses of Amplifiers

Electronic sound amplification means increasing the sound amplitude of an audio signal using electronic devices. You can achieve this through amplifiers, speakers, or other sound systems. Amplifiers are the main element for the application that takes an audio signal input and increases its amplitude or intensity before sending it further to the speakers.

Amplifiers are used for sound enhancements and require various accessories, including wire terminal connectors, wire crimp connectors, Neutrik XLR cables, and more.

Types of amplifiers

Amplifiers broadly belong to analog or digital categories based on components and techniques that intensify the signal. Analog amps traditionally use transistors or vacuum tubes to amplify the signal, while modern-age digital amplifiers use microprocessors and other digital signal processors to ramp up the sound.


The BTA-250 is a two-channel stereo amplifier that is ideal for homes or commercial spaces and comes with a compact design for indoor and outdoor usage. The kit has an in-wall amplifier, a B120R retrofit electrical box, and a 12–24 VDC power supply with a cable adapter. It helps to conveniently extend an audio zone in pool areas, garages, restaurants, or homes.

Cinénova 7300

A high-end design and weighing about 80 pounds, the Cinénova 7300 has seven channels with a slew rate of 60V per microsecond. With its concurrent power supply design, you can simultaneously get full power to all channels.


The innovative IQ series amplifiers are known for producing much power making it an excellent choice for those looking for massive output. The best part about the IQ series is that even with enormous power output, generating low heat is possible. You can use the IQ-1500 for home theater systems, and it is also subwoofer-compatible.


IWS in-wall sender is an innovative multi-room solution with Cat 5/6 PoE and signal support. Like the BTA-250, you can easily install the amp into new and pre-fitted structures at home, bars, garages, hotel rooms, and more. Now, at the push of a button, sound from your favorite movies, and songs are available in any room.


Helping in reducing heat generation, this model has patented technology and contributes to a greener planet with 98% green energy as one of its top highlights. Controlling the slope and bandwidth requires a tap when connected to a mobile device. The raw stable power and low interference result from a stiff silicon-steel hard-wound low-emittance toroidal transformer.

The subharmonic synthesizer function allows the regenerate of bass removed during recording.

Its professional-grade features include:

  • active room correction functions
  • 25 bands of equalization continuous phase control
  • up to 48dB/Octave crossover


The XJ-1000FR has four memory storage modes for storage and recalling the DSP settings, which makes it ideal for full-range stereo reproduction in home and studio uses. A few highlighting features of the XJ-1000FR are the 30 bands of equalization, front-panel switches, and full-featured remote control.


A step up from the popular XJ-300FR, this model allows the introduction of a 12V trigger through an external power source. The main channel enables you to connect to another speaker between the main channels. The design facilitates linking two XJ-300FR amps and mounting using a 1U space rack.


The patented Class J circuitry model with boundary EQ removes excessive loud sounds due to corner loading, large wall surfaces, or installations. Some standout features of the XJ-700DSP are:

  • easy-to-use mobile app for control over room response
  • dedicated RCA output sends another amplifier or powered subwoofer
  • preset of movie and music modes
  • powered with a 3-way signal switch


Earthquake Sound Corp brings quality and professional experience to the sound industry. The wide range of amplifiers breathes life to sounds and recreates every original note from the source. Choose from a host of models based on your home and commercial needs to enjoy the best experience every time you turn up the volume.