Bin Program


Are your connector and parts bins empty?
Do you run out of parts before you have completed your installation?


Zack can help!



1) "No product to complete an installation or repair when we need it"

2) "Must purchase case quantities, and then we are overstocked"

3) "We have to wait for products with long lead times to come in, and we cannot complete the job and get paid by our customer"

4) " We have new installers/technicians who don't know what we use on jobs"

5) "We have to issue a P.O. to a different company each time we need to purchase installation products"

6) "We have too many different vendors for all of these products"

7) "Products are not organized, and they are hard to keep track of"

8) "We are paying too much, sometimes retail (Radio Shack & Home Depot) for immediate-need installation products.



1) Zack can provide a Bin Replenishment Program to supply your installation products on a regular basis

2) We can service large and small A/V integrators who can buy products at our lower prices due to our purchasing volume

3) We can eliminate long lead times and installation delays by having stock on hand

4) We can help to consolidate purchases of small quantities

5) We can drop-ship products directly to the installation sites when needed

6) By utilizing an ongoing min/max system, we can increase or decrease your stock on hand based on usage


* Call Zack today at 800-466-0449 and speak with the Bin Replenishment Sales Rep and he can set up an appointment with you to explain to you further how easy it is to implement a Bin Replenishment Program.

* Free Barcode Scanner Available.

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