History of Zack Electronics

E-Commerce Pioneers
Before the internet we had retail stores. Now we have upgraded our computers with the latest software and integrated them with our state-of-the-art website to give you the best shopping experience on line. We are updating our existing information on our website daily. Each day you will find new products that we have added so that you will have some of the most advanced product and solutions available. We are not just another on-line store with no face, no history and an email address. We are made up of experienced, knowledgeable individuals with many years of experience, who can assist you in product selection, systems design and sourcing for hard to find items. We are experts at knowing how to get your products when you need them at the lowest cost possible. We understand shipping, drop shipping and logistics and will do what we can to get you the products you need. We want your shopping experience to be enjoyable, problem free and will address your concerns to ensure that your experience with us is one that we are proud of and you will be glad to share with others.

Zack's Philosophy
We take pride in our ability to provide quality service at competitive prices. We strive for the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We know that this is the only way to prosper and grow. We are a hard-working and dedicated Zack family and we are proud of our integrity and the relationships which we have built and which we continue to build. We are at the leading edge of technology in the products that we provide as well as in the operations of our company. We will always be open to suggestions and criticism and know that this is an essential ingredient if we wish to be successful. We are confident of where we are going and point with pride towards the way we run our business. 


History of Zack

Victor ZachariaZack Radio Supply was started in 1931 by V.N. (Zack) Zachariah, a Lebanese Immigrant, during the heart of the depression. Zack's business flourished selling products from his storefront location on Market Street in San Francisco. Zack at that time was selling MRO (Maintenance, Repair, & Operations) products. In 1942 he sold many products to the military and "Radio Products" gave way to "Electronics" and the name of the company was changed. In 1946 Zack began focusing on Sales to the Broadcast field and shortly thereafter to Television Stations. A few years later, sales were expanded to the OEM Industrial Market Customer.

Zack's customers were the who's who of The Electronics Industry. Some of the notable customers included Mr. Dave Hewlett, Dalmo Victor, Steve Jobs, & Steve Wozniak.

Zack expanded & contracted over time and had locations in Palo Alto, Sacramento, Monterey, San Jose, Phoenix, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Zack retired in 1987 and at that time the company was purchased by an investor group led by Michael La Porte, an executive of Belden Electronics. A few years later in 1993, Zack Electronics & Data Communications was sold to Dennis Awad, President of Tele-Com Products, Inc., a successful entrepreneur, who had grown his own business since 1977 from his parents garage.


President Zack Electronics, Inc.Dennis decided that with Zack's long history and success, that he would merge his company into Zack and assume the Zack Electronics well known identity. From 1993 until today, Zack Electronics, led by Dennis Awad, the President of the company, conducted the following transactions:

October 1993 - Purchased Zack Electronics, Inc. of San Jose, CA. Merged business with Tele-Com Products, Inc. owned by Dennis Awad.

June 1996 - Purchased "Joseph Electronics" of Niles, IL and turned it into a Zack branch.

June 1997 - Purchased "Electronic Parts Company" of Phoenix, AZ. and turned it into a Zack branch.

August 1997 - Purchased "Miltex" a production supplies business in Chicago, IL

October 1997 - Sold Zack "Data/Communications" business (3 locations) to Anicom of Chicago, IL. A NASDAQ traded company.

March 1998 - Purchased "Mac Donald Hunter" a production supply business located in Alhambra, CA.

September 1999 - Sold Zack "Production Supply" business to Contact East, a Stanley Works Company now traded on the NASDAQ.

December 2000 - Sold Zack branch in Chicago to the Managers (Formerly Joseph Electronics).

January 2001 - Zack Electronics reformed to focus on the Audio, Video, Broadcast & Data Communications Market.

October 2003 - Zack Electronics Launches E-Commerce Site

November 2007 - Launched www.avbcable.com representing Audio, Video and Broadcast products that are directly manufactured or sourced from primary manufacturers. Lines included: Power strips, cable ties, rack accessories, power cords and the Xpando Snake Skin sleeking line.

January 2010 - Acquired the assets of Switching Devices of Burbank.

January 2011 - Zack Electronics Celebrates its 80th Anniversary.

For further information about Zack Electronics, contact via e-mail Dennis Awad, President at dawad@zackelectronics.com