10 Electrical Tools

Every one of us knows how important electronic appliances and gadgets are, from LED bulbs that can eliminate darkness and light up the room to mobile phones that help us connect with the world. Electricians play a crucial role by helping us derive power from the electrical system.

Since electrical systems are very complicated and dangerous, only experts should deal with them. If an amateur tries to fix or get into the system, they might end up causing havoc or creating an impending disaster.

In contrast, a professional electrician will have complete knowledge and expertise in the electrical system. Electricians use special tools and devices to install electronic devices or tackle a situation. Continue reading to learn about those tools and why they are essential.

10 Electrical Tool That Every Electrician Uses

Every professional electrician, or even the beginners, is constantly looking for the latest and best tools and devices to assist them with fast and correct results. They usually carry important tools, while others may need help finding them. Some of the tools which every electrician use are:

1. Tape Measures

Tape Measures

Tape measures are one of the must-have electronic-tool kits for every beginner and pro electrician. They are important for measuring heights for outlet, wires and their coverings, switch, centering fixtures, placement, and many more. It is even better if you use a measuring tape with a protection of a clear-coated blade for more durable marking and one which comfortably fits in hand.

2. Multimeter


A professional expert knows much more about electrical systems, currents, and voltages. Checking the voltage and current of the electrical system is a primary and crucial job of any electrician, so they all have another essential tool called a multimeter. A multimeter is an all-in-one checker for measuring voltage and resistance in an electrical circuit. This will help them locate any power fluctuation or threat.

3. Non-Contact Detector

Non-Contact Detector

There will be times when you need to do a quick safety check to detect any current present in the circuit or if it is dead. A non-contact detector either has a switch on/off button or is automatic. It helps you check the currents and voltages in the electrical circuit; you have to point towards it, just a few centimeters away. Choose the best ones that are also affordable and serve your needs.

4. Wire Stripper

Wire Stripper

A wire stripper is a handy tool to cut off or strip the insulation on wires. A good quality wire stripper of the latest design will do a cleaner job each time you use it, and they are designed with various-sized cutting blades or teeth and a cutoff portion. The top models of wire stripped do not require much of hand force as they come with curved blades to cut and ensure unmatched precision for cleaner cuts.

5. Fish Tape

Fish Tape

Professional experts use another device from electronic tool sets called a fish tape. It is used to route new wiring on the metal, walls, electrical and PVC conduct. Fish tape, also known as wire tape, comes in different lengths along with cable lube which can assist you in guiding the tape even through narrow spaces. Wide steel fish tapes are highly recommended; they are handy and readily available in the market.

6. Level

Torpedo Electrician Level

Installation of any electrical system or appliance starts with getting the basics right. A level used by electricians is used to make sure that all the work that is being done is leveled, including the wall plates, outlet covers, and switches. You can use a hands-free magnetic level which is made of steel. It is lightweight and compact and provides accurate vertical and horizontal readings at 45 degrees angle.

7. Plier

Slip-Joint Pliers With Grip

A plier is a standard tool that can be used for any mechanical work. It is used to uproot or cut small objects, such as wires. They come in different types, depending on what needs to be done. Diagonal or side-cutting pliers are used for cutting the wires. Their cutting edge reaches the pliers' tip and is easy to use. There are other pliers which can twist and uproot the wire.

8. Flashlight

LED Flashlight

Flashlights are an important part of electronic maintenance tools for every professional expert and even homeowners. Proper lighting is the key to any electrical job. It would be best if you only reached into an electric panel with proper lighting, so always use a flashlight. You need to do the correct inspection to address any issue correctly. Sometimes you need to use it even if there is enough light because smaller objects cannot be seen distinctly, so they need close-up lights.

9. Wire Crimper

Crimper for Wire

Sometimes electrical issues are challenging to detect or trace down, and more often, the issues might be irregular due to poor connection. A wire crimper is a device that can help repair wires that cause a faulty circuit connection. An electrician must invest in a suitable quality crimp device to ensure a long-lasting, reliable seal for decades. these above tools are a must-have for any electrician to deal with the electrical system. There are many other tools and devices you can use as per your need and requirement.

10. Screwdrivers


Screwdrivers are another important tool that can be used for electrical purposes and other work like carpentry and machinery. Screwdrivers are a set of straight blades that helps tighten the bolts and nuts in the electrical circuit, switchboards, etc. Different types of screwdrivers are available in the market, including magnetic screwdrivers, electronic screwdrivers, precision screwdrivers sets, multi-tip screwdrivers with interchangeable tips, etc.

Wrapping Up

Professional experts like electricians are very important. They help install any electrical appliance, fix them and provide you with an essential guidebook or suggestions on how to maintain them. But more importantly, these professionals will have the right tools and accessories to do the job more effectively.